Frequently Asked Questions

Are Syncier BioTech’s products billable to insurance?

Yes currently all of our products are billed to insurances.

How can patients get these tests?

Patients can directly contact their Physicians to request the test. If the Physician is not already offering the test yet, we can help them get set up at their offices. Also patients can contact us for cash related options, if they do not want to involve insurance.

How can Providers get set up to offer Syncier BioTech’s tests?

Getting set up to offer Syncier BioTech’s tests is very easy to do. Please contact us via email at and we will send you information to set up an account for your office.

If a patient does not qualify for their insurance to cover the test, can they still get the test done?

Yes if patients do not qualify for their insurance to cover the test they can still get the testing done through our cash pay option.

Can patients outside the US get these tests done?

Patients in the international markets do have access to our testing. If you are outside the US and would like to have one of Syncier BioTech’s tests done, please contact us at so we can send you the proper information on how you can get the testing done in your respective country. Currently International markets are on a cash pay option only.

What is Syncier Ventures?

Syncier Ventures is a division of Syncier BioTech that allows us to collaborate with other entities and exciting new projects, ranging from biotechnology, healthcare, and sectors of multiple different Industries. We participate at a variety of different levels, whether that be consulting, marketing or R&D. If you have an innovative project or idea that you want to collaborate with Syncier Ventures on, please email us at