Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

What is Pharmacogenomics (PGx)?

PGx is the study of how your genes may affect your body’s response to, and interaction with, some prescriptions or over-the-counter medications. Depending on your genetic make-up, some medications may work faster or slower, or produce more or fewer side effects.

Why is PGx important?

PGx is one tool your healthcare provider can use to help identify the right drug for you. Many factors impact how a person responds to medication including:

  • Genetic factors
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race / ethnicity
  • Illness or organ dysfunction (kidney or liver)
  • Smoking / alcohol
  • Food interactions
  • Other medications
When might PGx testing be recommended or considered?

There are different reasons why your healthcare provider might order PGx testing to help guide your current or future medication use. Such as:

  • To avoid or prevent serious side effects related to certain medications.
  • To adjust the dose of a correct medication or recommend a different medication.
  • To identify a medication or dose of a medication, most likely to work for you before you take it.